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Dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking


You may feel tempted to drink alcohol, smoke or even take drugs when you feel down or want to forget about problems. You may also feel pressured in taking drugs and alcohol.  

Drinking alcohol and getting drunk affects the way you think and feel.  It can help you relax and unwind which is why it is so popular, however it is a powerful drug and if misused it can cause you serious problems.


Drugs are chemicals that you take into your body to change the way you feel.  

There are always risks when taking drugs, even prescribed drugs but illegal substances may include very damaging chemicals that could cause serious harm.


Smoking can be very addictive and difficult to quit. There can be lots of pressure from friends to smoke.  People may start as they think it makes them look cool, helps them fit in or just to try and see what it’s like.

If you are concerned about drinking, taking drugs or smoking or you are worried about someone you know, parents, family or friends please tell someone you trust.

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