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Managing Allegations Against Staff. Local Area Designated Officer (LADO)

Allegations against staff

All organisations providing services to children and young people must ensure that their staff and volunteers are safe to do so. The vast majority of adults who work with children/young people act professionally and aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for the children and young people in their care. But it must be recognised that there are adults who will deliberately seek out, create or exploit opportunities to abuse children. It is therefore essential that a clear process exists for the investigation and resolution of allegations made against staff and volunteers.

The allegations' process is managed by Dudley’s LADO (Local Area Designated Officer). The LADO is responsible for:

  • Managing individual cases

  • Providing advice and guidance

  • Liaising with police and other agencies

  • Monitoring progress of cases for timeliness, thoroughness and fairness

All statutory partner agencies are required to report all allegations to the LADO within one working day. All referrals should be sent to allegations@dudley.gcsx.gov.uk

In Dudley, Howard Woolfenden, Head of Children and Young People’s Safeguarding and Review is the Local Area Designated Officer, who has direct accountability for allegations and reports to Dudley Safeguarding Children Board. 

The day to day arrangements for responding to allegations is delegated to Yvonne Nelson-Brown. For advice and information about allegations against staff and volunteers please contact Yvonne on 01384 813110

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