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Online Training

Depending on individual learning speed the online courses should take approximately two hours to complete.  However, if you prefer you can do the course in stages and revisit the training at any time.  On completion you will be able to download a Dudley Safeguarding Children Board certificate.

The modules have audio/voice-over so earphones are recommended, although the sound can be muted if required and the text box used.

Online modules

Awareness of Child Abuse or Neglect - Foundation: This course covers a variety of child protection issues and is suitable for anyone who comes into occasional contact with children and their families/carers.  This course gives comprehensive information as well as what to do if a child discloses.

Awareness of Child Abuse or Neglect - Core: This course is aimed at staff who work with children and their families/carers who may be asked to contribute to an assessment of children in need, identify and assess concerns.  There are also references to common assessment framework (CAF).  This package is suitable for frontline professionals working with children.  Please be aware that this training content deals with potentially disturbing subject matter and material and images used are of a graphic nature.

Awareness of Child Abuse & Neglect - Young People: Aimed at staff that work regularly with children and their families/carers who may be asked to contribute to an assessment of children in need, identify and assess concerns.  This course is particularly focused on those who work with young people who are aged 12-18 and includes mention of such issues as sexual relationships, domestic abuse and forced marriages.   

Both Foundation, Core and Young People training covers: legislation and guidance, different types of abuse, recognising signs and symptoms, making referrals, roles and responsibilities.

 Each package takes approximately 2-2½ hours to complete.

Awareness of Child Abuse & Neglect - Core Police version: This training is based on the Core version but there are 10 new screens included which outline police procedures.  There is more inclusion of keyword definitions, such as "trafficking" and Section 46 of the Children Act 1989 is outlined as this has direct relevance with regards to the authority police officers have when dealing with suspected cases of abuse and neglect.

Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe:  This module was developed from the Awareness of Child Abuse & Neglect course.  It is suitable for young people (12-18 age group) who work with children, e.g. young volunteers, volunteers, peer mentors, babysitters, etc.  

 Please note:

  • From 1 January 2014, you will not be able to repeat your safeguarding training online.  If your training has expired you will need to renew this by attending a face to face training session (please see the training calendar for dates).
  • From 1 April 2014 there will be a £10 charge for training which is not completed within 28 days of the link to the course being sent to you.  
  • All learners must be 16 or over (except for Think safe, stay safe, be safe) and must have access to adobe flash player.  Please see link below to download this for free.  Download Adobe Flash Player

How to apply

If you have any queries please contact: Safeguarding.CS@dudley.gov.uk 

For further information about the Virtual College’s Safeguarding Children e-Academy please click http://www.safeguardingchildrenea.co.uk/