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The West Midlands region recognise that the main statutory agencies need to work together to promote safer communities and to deal with actual or suspected abuse.

Dudley, in collaboration with other local authorities within the region, have adopted these procedures recognising that a consistent approach will help to achieve this.

The procedures detail how the local authority and partner agencies will work together to fulfil the duties of the Care Act. It sets out how adult Safeguard concerns will be responded to when it appears to the local authority that an adult with care and support needs is experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, abuse or neglect.

Dudley's Local Modern Slavery/ Human Trafficking Referral Pathway

Local pathway for All agencies within Dudley who may encounter a victim or potential victim of Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking.  Agreed by both Dudley Safeguarding Adult and Children Boards. You can access all the information Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking pathway by visiting:


West Midlands Adult Safeguarding Procedures

For information and documents relation to West Midlands Adult Safeguarding procedures please visit the WM Procedures page