The Safeguarding Children Board is working hard to communicate the issue of child safeguarding to all residents, both children and adults, across Dudley Borough. Marketing campaigns, along with press and PR have taken place to promote issues of abuse and neglect and to highlight the importance of reporting any safeguarding issue or concern.

Take a Closer Look

The aim of this campaign is to highlight the many different forms of abuse and encourage people to read between the lines and take a closer look at what is actually happening to someone.

The examples in this campaign were taken from real life stories.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. If you are worried or scared about the way you or someone you know is being treated don’t bottle it up, tell someone you trust or Report It.

See Me Hear Me- Child Sexual Exploitation

The aim of the See Me Hear Me campaign is to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.

Sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse that involves some kind of payment, which can include money, mobile phones, drugs, protection and affection. Children and young people do not volunteer to be sexually exploited. They cannot consent to their own abuse; they are forced. For more information visit See Me Hear Me.