Child Neglect is a serious issue with various short and long term adverse effects on the physical, emotional, mental and social well being of children and affects their growth and development. DSPP has developed the Neglect Strategy with support from Public Health and in partnership with the Children and Young peoples Alliance Board and DSPP multi-agency partners.

Prevention, early recognition and management of neglect is a priority in Dudley and building on the strategic priorities, our priorities for action in the short term are:

  • Commitment from all partners to sign up to the vision and aims and objectives of the neglect strategy.
  • Cross fertilisation into other strategies and policies.
  • Raise profile of Neglect amongst communities, practitioners and professionals.
  • Ensure prevention of neglect is given equal priority to addressing neglect through implementation of evidence based programmes for example parenting and early help.
  • Agreement on an appropriate way to assess neglect. In Dudley the implementation of the NSPCC Graded Care Profile (GCP2) tool has now been identified. All Partners have signed up to using this tool at the Children’s and Young People’s Alliance Board and committed to supporting staff to be trained as trainers from across partnership. Briefings will take place at the end of January and individuals nominated will receive their training on the tool in February. Need to recognise that tool is a means to assist, staff should be inquisitive.
  • Training and development of front-line practitioners, focusing on them utilising professional judgment and tools to help identify neglect and the cumulative impact of neglect on the daily life of the child.
  • Improve the quality of the multi-agency response to children and families living with neglect
  • Review and update Strategy and Action Plan in line with NICE guidance due to be published in 2017 and following consultation and engagement with communities and key stakeholders.
  • Development and implementation of multi agency delivery plan to help deliver and monitor progress against the strategic objectives.

The Neglect Strategy was updated in 2019 to include updated figures and also neglect from a community perspective.