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Private Fostering- A Guide For Professionals

Following the Laming report in to the death of Victoria Climbie, regulations relating to private fostering were amended and strengthened by Section 44 of the Children Act 2004.

The Children (private arrangements for fostering) Regulation 2005 clearly sets out the role of the Local Authority, the parent and private foster carer and related professionals. Private fostering arrangements can be a positive response from within the community to difficulties experienced by families. Nonetheless, privately fostered children remain a diverse and potentially vulnerable group of children.

Thus the Local Authority has a legal duty to satisfy itself that the arrangement is satisfactory and that the welfare of these children is being promoted and safeguarded.

BAAF have produced a film Somebody Else's Child: A guide to private fostering as a resource for agencies to use with the general public and with professionals to raise awareness of private fostering. The film can be found on: or on You Tube via the following link:

For more information please use the following link